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11 Examples of Colour and Texture in Web Design

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Feb 13, 2014
Web trends come and go; but websites that utilize texture and colour, the best, in their design last longer.

When it comes to web design a lot of trends come and go. However, a few styles such as textures and colour manage to stick around. A good use of textures can add depth and interest to a website. Where as a good use of colour helps make a brand and their message stand out. In this post, we’ve got some inspiring examples of texture and colour in web design. From subtle textures, to colourful designs, there are a few gems in here.



Neutral Milk Hotel

Maryland Craft Beer Festival

Paid to Exist

The Lost Thing


Vimeo 2013 Annual Report

Flat Design vs Realism

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Quatro Folhas