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14 Great Package Designs

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Jul 21, 2014

The creative practice of branding is often seen as a poor relative to the "The Arts." Branding is the result of a system where it is not the tangible that is important but to invoke a feeling that best represents the product.


Lulu's Urban Cupcakery Branding Embodies Butter and Chocolatey Sweetness.


Marou Creates Bean-to-Bar Products Wrapped in Handmade Paper.

Thic Ice Cube

Thic Ice Cube Packaging Contains the World's First Swiss Caviar

Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. Gets a Makeover from Relevant Studios


To celebrate the 80th anniversary of English Breakfast tea, Twinings teamed up with BrandOpus to develop a special packaging for its celebration pack. 

Meliartos' Baked 

Meliartos' Baked package design stands out against the Black and White Containers.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat architecture-inspired package design.

"Marou had decided to create a range of 3 exclusive bars for the store, including an extra dark 85% cacao bar, a medium 75% bar, and a relatively light 65% bar. Our approach was to create 3 different colored packs in a way that appears to feature the iconic building at 3 different times of day utilizing the 3 core colors of La Grande Épicerie de Paris,"

Marou air France

Marou team up with Air France, celebrating it's 80th anniversary, to create a decadent chocolate using the 'Paris to Saigon' charity gala theme as inspiration.

HOME by Nature Olive Oil

Festina Profundo

These diving watches created ny Festina Profundo are packaged and sold in clear bags filled with distilled water.

Han Green Tea


A student project by Melissa Agatielli, who used the lunar movements.

"the matte black bottle is clearly reminiscent of night time and while the pop colors may not seem suggestive of the night sky, they our actually a soft yet vibrant representation of the stunning spectrum of cosmic colors found deep within our universe."

INEY Vodka

Jewel Lines Precious Vodka

Premium vodka with embedded with real precious gemstone that is incredibly valuable.