21 Great Examples of Drupal Websites

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Jan 14, 2013
Thinking about using Drupal for your next web project? Take a look at these great examples to get an idea of what can be done with Drupal.

Drupal is quickly becoming a well adapted content management system (CMS) among web developers, web designers and site builders. Over the course of it's lifetime many sites spanning many industries have chosen Drupal to deliver their message on the web. Here are a few examples to give you an idea how designers are leveraging Drupal to build stunning websites and web applications. 

Elle Decor Lookbook

ED1 - iPad 1.jpg

The Elle Décor Lookbook application was developed specifically for the Apple iPad with a backend and API developed in Drupal. The Lookbook application utilizes an iOS and Drupal integration that allowed Elle Décor to take advantage of iOS native capabilities and performance as well as taking advantage of the content management capabilities of Drupal.



The new Drupal website http://www.deutschland.de is replacing three older sites that have been running on Typo3, a hierarchical open source CMS very popular in Germany. The new content concept, however, called for a more flexible structure, where editors categorize articles in different systems (topics, world regions, tags) and the site delivers topical streams of content for different kinds of interests and in different languages. Drupal is the perfect match: field-based multilanguage management, multiple taxonomies in parallel, semantic content types. Drupal delivered most of what deutschland.de needed out of the box.
A further reason for choosing Drupal was its flexibility and openness when connecting to other systems. Articles are, for example, imported via RESTful web services.

Art Info


The old website was powered by a custom Perl CMS but the client wanted a more flexible and reliable environment for their website and content management.

British Medical Journal



  1. Drupal has a lot of out-of-the box content management functionalities that deliver most of our requirements. The Drupal node concept has been a good fit for BMJ article content types (research, news, education, and comment), as have the easier multi-user admin tools for content creation, editing and maintenance, path module for renaming URLs, and RSS feed generation and taxonomy module for the specialties pages. These are sponsored pages aimed at our non-general medical readers (cardiologists, diabetologists, psychiatrists, etc), and pull in content from across BMJ Group.
  2. Drupal has thousands of contributed modules. CCK, Views, and Panels  were particularly useful for building bmj.com key pages such as the article, home, channel, and medical specialty pages.
  3. Drupal core is modular. It has flexible and very well documented hooks API. This makes it easy to extend it with new modules, and to integrate it with other services.
  4. Drupal has one of the biggest, most vibrant, and responsive open source communities with a knowledge database to mine and learn from.



Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software




A website promoting Ontario VQA wines.

University of the Arts


For more than 130 years, the University of the Arts (UArts) has been educating creative individuals in the visual and performing arts and design. Located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, the University of the Arts offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in six areas of study: Design, Visual Arts, Film, Dance, Theater and Music.



Official site of the famous awards includes a history, news features, downloads and media archive.

Studio Brussel

studio brussel

Studio Brussel (StuBru) is a radio station in Belgium, owned by the VRT. The music played is considered more alternative than the other big radio stations, and is aimed mainly at a youth audience.





SuperSets is Canada's leading source for fitness tips, training, health articles and also provides a large selection of supplements to help you reach your goals.



Evene is one the most well indexed cultural web-sites in France. With several millions of pages, Evene offers very advanced SEO techniques implemented with Drupal.

.net Magazine

net magazine

.net is a monthly Internet magazine published in the UK by Future Publishing. Founded in 1994, .net magazine is published every four weeks (13 issues per year). The magazine is aimed at professional and amateur web designers, and a significant proportion of its readers are full-time web developers. 

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is the definitive interpretive voice of the entertainment industry. Informing, engaging and empowering content is delivered across a multimedia platform that includes: a weekly magazine, bi-monthly special reports, quarterly glossies, a Website, a daily news PDF, iPad app and events.


Out In Canberra


Canberra is the capital city of Australia. With a population of over 345,000, it is Australia's largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall. The city is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), 280 km south-west of Sydney, and 660 km north-east of Melbourne. Outincanberra.com.au is a great place for tourists to learn about the city and what there is to do, showcasing the best restaurants, nightlife spots, and wineries in Canberra.



Sport360° is a daily sports newspaper which offers, for the first time ever, comprehensive sports coverage in the United Arab Emirates with standards of excellence on par with the aspirations of the nation.

Fred Hollows Foundation


Asia Society

asia society

The Asia Society is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating the world about Asia. It has several centers in the United States (Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC) and around the world Hong Kong, Manila, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, and Melbourne (see AustralAsia). All of these centers are overseen by the Society’s headquarters in New York, which includes a museum that exhibits the Rockefeller collection of Asian art and rotating exhibits with pieces from many Asian countries including China, Japan, India, and Korea.

Amnesty International

amnesty international

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty and AI) is an international non-governmental organisation whose stated mission is "to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.



Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood