3 Drupal Modules To Help You Streamline Administrative Tasks

Module filter

When building a Drupal site the amount of modules can add up quickly, especially with large projects and custom functionality. The module filter module is designed so that you can enable, disable and search for modules as quickly as possible. Once enabled, a new module layout theme is implemented. This new layout provides a tab for each package as well as a tab that will show every module alphabetically. The module filter module also comes with a nice search field to make searching for modules easy and painless (no need to use the browser search functionality anymore).

Fast Permissions Administration

In similar fashion to the module filter module, fast permissions administration or fpa for sort, is a better way to manage permissions on your Drupal project.


This module may be a matter of personal taste but the context module is Drupal's core blocks module on steroids. Context allows you to manage contextual conditions and reactions for different portions of your site. You can use context for very complicated functionality or you can use it for simpler terms such as setting blocks within regions, this may be overkill on simpler projects. However, if you're building a site that contains a lot of regions, multiple content types with different page layouts then this module is for you. I should also mention that there are many add-ons to the context module to get the exact results that you're looking for.