8 Free Responsive Drupal Themes

With the number of screen sizes available today it can be hard to find a one size fit all solution. But as technology progresses the web must progress with it. In the early days of mobile many sites implemented a two-tier approach to design by separating large screens and smaller screens into different version. The shift in paradigm brings us to a certain point, where today, we need a design that will look good on all screens regardless of the size.

To stay up to date means we need themes or template systems that are built with these goals in mind. There are many options regarding themes in Drupal, but there aren't many, currently, that focus on responsive design. However, the themes that do support responsiveness are elegant, clean, and feature-rich. Here are just a few examples of some the great responsive themes that Drupal has to offer.

Responsive Themes

Responsive Business


Responsive Business is a responsive, feature-rich Drupal 7 theme which is perfect for any business, portfolio site that requires full mobile support and also wants a site that looks elegant, professional and awesome.


Minimal theme that leverages Arctica base theme for most of its functionality.
Arti is a great theme if you need a strong grid layout with powerful typography and minimalist styling on nodes, comments and menus.



FontFolio is a Responsive showcase theme for designers, artists and craft persons. It presents full width/liquid grid layout for front page and categories pages, and 2 column layout for inner pages.


Professional and can be very well used by a company, showcasing products but also writing blog posts. Originally for Wordpress, it has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than (just) Themes.


Impress your business partners with a well-organized, an informative online profile and a professional look. Clean layout and light weight code make TB Sirate becomes a great theme for small, medium-sized businesses or big corporations to get up and run quickly. TB Sirate features as a sub-theme of Drupal Nucleus.

Starter/Base Themes


This theme is built to use Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.


The Omega Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable HTML5/960 grid base theme that is 100% configurable. The Omega theme comes with 12, 16, 24 column layouts and many more useful features to build a power web platform.


Based on the HMTL5 Boilerplate template, this theme is lean and mean. Comes with a responsive design base theme and SASS support out of the box. The bolierplate theme draws inspiration from other drupal themes such as: Basic, Boron, Zen and Sassy.