The App-Enabled Mirror

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Nov 13, 2013
Getting ready to go to work in the morning will never be the same if the iMirror goes from concept to reality.
Posh View, a Canadian company based in Calgary, has created an internet connected touch screen equipped with a mirror and a selection of apps. According to the company, people spend an average of 168 hours a year in front of the mirror.
Posh View wants to make this time more productive by allowing you to check email, update social networks, watch videos, surf the Internet, check on the temperature and even use the Wardrobe app to coordinate an outfit without trying anything on. All this while you prep yourself for the day to come.
The iMirror is comprised of four parts: a back, circuit board, touchscreen and frame. In addition to responding to touch, the iMirror also takes voice commands. Posh View has gone to Kickstarter in search of $200,000 in funding. A pledge of $2,749 gets you your very own iMirror.