Electro-Mineralist Art

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Aug 04, 2015

Diving into the impressive works of Android Jones. The Electro-Mineralist Art

Android Jones’ pictorial work is one element of a larger project that he calls “Electro-Mineralist Art." Which is something he finds that opposes the traditional approaches of pencils, ink, and brushes.

In academia Android is trained in the mediums of  drawing and painting, with this knowledge and training in traditional art: you can see a bridge of knowledge from the past and into the future. Honoring the history of art, the mystical projects of the later Dali come to mind, Android taps into pre-modern, modernist, and post-modernist aesthetic idioms, advancing an Electro-Mineralist Art.

The content of these marvelous works ranges vastly from the kosmic to the micro, from tantric beloved to sacred civics, from expansions of consciousness to reconfigurations of our three bodies.  The pictorial syntax is at the very least proper to a teal register; a collage mode descending from synthetic cubism.  Subtle radiance and causal voids abound throughout.