Iconic Sport Photography by Neil Leifer

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Oct 02, 2015

As an 18-year-old, Leifer helped the disabled at Yankee Stadium, before photographing the sporting events. His passion transformed into an illustrious career.

Neil Leifer is an American photographer born in 1942, during his career Neil Leifer has traveled the world, photographing famous people and events – many of those photographs have graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and Time magazine. Leifer started out by helping the disabled at Yankee stadium who would then rise to become a world renowned sports photographer. 

Leifer was always modest to what luck could bring; saying all good photographers have to have it, and he uses his famous Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston boxing picture as an example. The image shows a victorious Ali pumping a gloved fist to his chest as he fiercely stands over a stunned Sonny Liston.

So what makes a good sports photographer? Leifer states, "when you’re in the right seat at the right place at the right time the really good photographer doesn’t miss, I guess if you want to summarize why I’ve been successful – I haven’t missed a lot when I’ve been lucky."