Illustrating The Absurd And Grotesque With Beau White

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Jun 23, 2013
From bizarre to outright outrageous Beau White does not fail to disappoint with these oil paintings.

There are themes and narratives that are relatively simple and obvious, with the main focus being on the ridiculous.

Ridiculous as it may seem his artwork is quite impressive regardless of your taste, Beau White delivers some thought provoking imagery.

Although I steer away from taking the subject matter in my work too seriously, I do spend a serious amount of time, consideration and mental exertion on my creative process. That's where I derive the most meaning in my art; In the doing, not the discussion that follows.

Savour The Flavour


Self Portrait

Elizabethan Collar Man Person


Toffee Apple

la cucaracha

Toddlerpede Is Good Eatin


Toddlerpedes Revenge