Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Jul 28, 2014
Photography, monochrome and a tattooed woman, what's not to love.

New York, NY. An excellent photographic series by Van Styles.

Black and white is such a beautiful format. Aside from the classic and timeless feel it has with photography, I find it can be a lot easier to absorb. Without color, I think people can see the picture more directly without having to process the colors one photo can have. While being beautiful, it can sometimes be confusing when seeing a photo for what it is. I remember doing this shoot with Mercedes at my friend’s loft in SoHo, New York. The overhead track lighting he had in the bedroom was perfect. Casting these shadows during our session showed me that this needed to be a black and white set. It also didn’t hurt that her wardrobe was perfect as well. So here’s to classic and timeless imagery! I hope you all enjoy these photos.