Outstanding Contemporary Art by Mars-1

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on Jun 21, 2014
What happens when a left handed artist uses the right side of his brain? These are the results.

MARS-1 (aka Mario Martinez) is a left-handed artist who spends most of his time in the right side of his brain, communicating through a visual language. His unique imagery explores possibilities of otherworldly existence through highly developed, multi-layered landscapes. His unique style has been described as urban-Gothic, sci-fi abstracted, quasi-organic form.

Mario's inspirations include: graffiti, animation, comic book characters, ufology, extraterrestrials, unexplored life, mysteries of the universe, alternate realities and the abstract quality of existence. At the age of 13, Mars-1 began writing graffiti in his hometown of Fresno. He later attended Academy of Art in San Francisco, where he currently lives and works, remaining heavily active in the city’s contemporary art scene.