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We Don't Want Your App

Posted by Lyemium Editorial on May 13, 2013
How a Tumblr blog says what we've all been thinking.

Apps have gone mainstream; they are everywhere now a days. The apple store alone has 50 billion downloaded apps and Google Play is not far behind. You don't have to look too hard to find an app for some of the simplest things in life. But do several websites really need an app, when a mobile optimize site is suffice?

Not everything needs to be an app unless you're developing a program that will make use of phone features, for example the camera. 

Shouldn't we just use our phone browser instead? A Tumblr blog created by Terence Eden sums up the frustration that many of us experience: I Don’t Want Your F*****g App highlights how annoying and frustrating it is to be pushed, encouraged and sometimes forced to download a native app when a perfectly sound mobile optimized site would do just fine.

After all, I just want to read articles on my phone, do I really need to install an app to do just that?!