Web Design Trends For 2015

As the web matures we would like to think the area of user experience will do so as well.

Today's world is more integrated than ever and web design should be no different. Designs need to be fast, the message needs to clear and the navigation must be smooth.

Browsing the web I've come across notable trends. I for one, see a lot of "mobile first" concepts creeping into the desktop environment or more generally large screen displays. Beyond a trend, I see the web operating akin to apps. Will we design the web amongst similar concepts to apps or will the web learn more toward "sites"? Only time will tell.

In 2015 look for the focus to be amongst the following:

Full Width Layouts

Finally we have sites using an approach where the design adapts to completely fill the screen.

Pioneered by responsive design? Maybe so. But this design adapts to the screen size. The lack of scrolling is the element here. As a result the content has to be focused, with the hierarchy of content clearly established.

Video Backgrounds

HTML5 help push forward this style. Video backgrounds is a perfect way to portray emotions, to captivate, and generally send a message that no picture could really capture. I saw this trend rise quickly in 2014 but look for a lot more portfolio style sites or designs to include this into their package.


Fixed Blocks (Sidebars)

Sidebars being used as navigation. When I talk about the web operating more like apps this is where I see it heading. Using fixed sidebars to serve as a navigation section.  We’re already used to sticky sharing bars and navigation menus. Designers in 2014 showed that some other parts like sidebars or other elements of a design can be fixed and do a great job. We’ll see even more websites with fixed blocks in 2015.


Big Data

Whether it is client side or server side, look for data visiulation to gain extra traction this year. Big data is becoming more important in the tech industry as well as in web design.

Flat Is Still In

As a previously mentioned trend; it's nice to see that the concept of flat design is still in. 

Mobile First / Responsive Design

The number of mobile web users is growing at a rapid pace and the “mobile first” philosophy will grow stronger in 2015. Responsive design is no more a feature, it’s a must and designers will have to rethink the way they design web.