Artistic Dump

Ceramics, drawing, sculpture, wood carvings and of course El Anatsu the 's of recognition worldwide, large bizarre wall installations ... Ghanaian contemporary artist El Anatsui's first large Sydney exhibition almost could spend half a day. The city's independent spirit of the contemporary art space CarriageWorks' t 6 the name of the exhibition which lasted until March: Hand Anatsu in Five Decades. Artist When you have finished examining the work of over 30 produced in the process from the present 1970 left you with further deepening of this interesting mind and closely recognition request.
In 1944, Ghana 'arising Anatsu of Nigeria lives in and is considered today one of the most exciting artists. 2015 Venice Biennale' in Lifetime Achievement Golden Lion artist's works awarded the Prize can not be categorized. Mostly 'sculpture' as referred to in large complex installations using the original language of Ghana and Nigeria, and doing all the big names in the history of abstract art references.   
Five Decades exhibition, Anatsui three good opportunity to see closely the waste material behavior. Wood, aluminum printing plates, cans and liquor bottles are used to create unique forms and expressions. Especially concerned with the drink bottle. West Africa's local whiskey, rum, liqueurs, gin and crushed the brandy brand, crushed, warped, empty bottles cultural diversity in his eyes, such as consumption and colonialism, without analyzing the issues to be in trouble the continent is getting a good tool. Each of these different brands and labels visually interesting and Dark Sailor, King Solomon, 007, Chairman and Makossa names like Anatsui graphic works created by adding an effect. 
Let's talk about the CarriageWorks. Surry Hills art space located in an old Victorian building near the curatorial management or sponsor a specific monitoring program, known only by simple exhibition, which focuses on artists and the arts. The exhibition schedule is always going in front of the era, giving space to artists with seminal risk areas and jobs. It underlines the social and cultural diversity. New South Wales (New South Wales) that CarriageWorks programs supported by the state here can see.