Livio Scarpella's Crystallized Veiled Sculptures

Livio Scarpella is a contemporary Italian sculptor. 

The sculptures from the series “Ghost Underground” are openly inspired by the sculptures in the Sansevero Chapel in Naples. Works created in the sensibility of the Corradini (by his dead he only completed the sketches for the well-known “Cristo Velato” (Veiled Christ) , then realized in marble by Sanmartino), Scarpella highlights or deny the religious aspect.

The sculptor regains the classic souls couple  separated by the opposite destinies, matching the light and dark colour of the figure, respectively with an amethyst or a quartz.  In the reality the ghost hidden in this artworks is the sculpture itself, the idea yet to be unveiled, to witch the artist combine the mineral rocks: hard hearts, premonition of the same precious essence of the work itself.