The Time Series by Jia Jing

Most of Jia Jing’s early works portray the scenes related to wars because of how much he was fascinated by guns and army weapons since early age. The artist’s sensitivity to wars not only rooted from his curiosity and analytical quality towards what wars bring to human beings, but also how he wishes to reveal the violence hidden in the unconsciousness of human beings through wars. 
New changes have taken place in his themes recently, his topics are gradually getting away from wars and violence. Jia Jing’s recent works feature images more imaginations; he is fond of painting the unknowns in the future. In Time series, Jia Jing creates a range of paintings which depict Time magazine covers with cropped images he selected from national news or interesting documentaries. Such coverage on Time magazine represents the significance for global attention yet these covers painted by Jia Jing don’t actually exist. While some news may seem to be world breaking to a certain group of people, they might not be as important to others is the main message Jia Jing wishes to bring out. 
About my art book series was also created by Jia Jing using his imaginations, each painting from this series represent a page of his future art book, therefore we see the layout and the captions. In this series, Jia Jing painted collages he created from life stories, and the colours he picked are often vivid with big contrasts. The future remains uncertain, yet through his paintings, we learn that Jia Jing keeps a curious yet hopeful mind towards his future!