All You Need to know About Barbi Benton From Playboy?

All You Need to know About Barbi Benton From Playboy?

Barbi Benton – Introduction

Barbi Benton was born on 28th of January 1950. She was born in Barbara Lynn Klein in New York. She was born in a Jewish family. Her father was a gynecologist and her mother was an investment counselor. Barbi is an American model, actress and television public figure as well as an amazing singer. Barbi was most known for her appearance in the Playboy magazine. Barbi Benton retired from her career in the showbiz in the 1980’s so she could take care and raise her children. She was a teenage model in her early days and a very successful one. 

Barbi wanted to be a vet when she was young. She decided to go to a medical school to get her veterinarian degree but there was something else already planned for her. Barbi had her career full of surprises and variations. She wasn’t just a model, she was an actress as well. She was also a musician who sang as well as wrote her own songs. She was a talented woman who achieved so much in her life. 

Barbi Benton – Career

Barbi Benton started her early career at the young age of 16. She was a successful model in her early days and was later appointed by Playboy as a model. Playboy is an American men’s fashion magazine. Whilst her career associated with the Playboy Enterprise, the owner and chief editor of the magazine Hugh Hefner, fell in love with Barbi Benton and due to this attraction, Barbi was placed at the middle of the Playboy Enterprise. She appeared on the cover of the Playboy Magazine around 4 times in her career. 

Barbi started to model for other magazines as well. Later in her career, she pursued some acting where she got an amazing role making her debut in a comedy film in 1970, called The Naughty Cheerleader. Later, she starred in a few films which include, The Great American Beauty Contest, The Third Girl From The Left, For The Love Of It, Deathstalker and Hospital Massacre.

Barbi was very talented, along with her career in modeling and acting, she had a breathtaking voice and was also a successful singer in the country. She contributed her time and energy as a country musician as well. Through Playboy, five of her music albums were released. Her first album was named ‘Barbi Doll’ which was released in 1975. She further had 4 more music albums which went successful and people simply loved them. 

Barbi Benton – Personal Life.

 Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton and her personal life is kept pretty personal from the public as well as the media. Barbi was once married in her life with the man she fell in love with whilst she was working with Playboy Enterprise. She was married to Hugh Hefner for 7 successful years. Although not much is known about their love story. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced after seven years of marriage and love. But when there’s no love, there’s no marriage. They couple got divorced and went their separate ways without any hard feelings or hatred. After 7 years of marriage, it is said that Barbi dumped Hugh Hefner for some personal and unknown reasons. 

After a few years, Barbi Benton fell in love with George Gradow who was a real estate developer. They both fell in love and got happily married in 1979. It has been four successful decade that the beautiful couple is together. There are no known story of any discrepancies between the couple but they both are known and seen to live happily and love each other. George and Barbi have two beautiful children – a son named Alexander and a beautiful daughter named Ariana. George and Barbis’ marriage has been stated as one of the longest marriages in the celebrity history. We just hope the couple stays together and happy till death do them apart. 

Barbi Benton’s Net Worth.

Barbi had a career of approximately 16 years before she quit her career and decided to be a responsible homemaker. From her career life span from 1970 to 1986, Barbi Benton played a lot of roles. She was a successful model who worked for one of the biggest magazines at that time Playboy Enterprise, she was a recording artist, a singer, she was a successful actress who performed marvelous appearance in a couple of movies and she was a successful interior designer. Barbi was one of the most successful identities of her time, keeping her life in mind, Barbi Benton’s net worth is said to be $20 million. She made her wealth through her career in acting, singing, modeling and other businesses like interior designing. 

Barbi Benton’s Body Measurements.

Barbi Benton was a model in her career life but she wasn’t the tallest of them all. Barbi has an average height of 5 feet and 3 inches only. Her body weighed approximately 58 kg as per the records. Her body parts, bust, waist and hips were approximately, 37 inches, 25 inches and 37 inches respectively. 

Barbi had dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was one of the prettiest models and actresses out there in the industry. She was appreciated and loved for her body measurements and these were probably one of the reasons for her success in the industry. 


Barbi Benton was one of the most talented of her time in the industry. She is definitely being missed. There are no known sources of where Barbi, George Gradow and their children are. The rumors are that the family is alive and healthy and has been shuttling across some places, likely to be Aspen and Los Angeles. They have been living separately for some time due to some issues in the career lives of both the parents. 

This was the information we had on Barbi Benton. Although, we hope the point that Barbi Benton was alive and healthy is true. Although, we don’t have evidence to prove that we will be praying that the family is alive and healthy.

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