All You Need To Know About Dominique Capraro

All You Need To Know About Dominique Capraro

Introduction About Dominique Capraro

Dominque Capraro was born on 16th of May, 1988. He was born in Switzerland and is currently 30 years old.  Dominique is a talented Swiss model along with a talented dancer. He came in the spotlight when he participated in the Mr. Swiss Pageant a couple of years ago. He gained a lot of popularity in his career line and was appreciated after the contest. 

As far as the records show, we can tell that Dominique was able to keep a lot of his personal life private just to himself. We know nothing about his parents or his family members but we can tell you that Dominique is currently in a relationship with Michelle Phan. They have been together since 2010 and has been spotted together several times acting like a couple. 

He has a major in History education which is all we can tell about his education in his early days. He is 6 feet 2 inch tall and weighs about 78 kg. Dominique lives in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend Michelle Phan. Michelle Phan is a famous YouTube star along with a successful business woman. 

Dominque’s Career

Dominique was most famous for winning the Mr. Switzerland in his early professional days. Before his modeling career started, he was a dancer. Dominique started his career as a model however he came in the spot light after starting his relationship with Michelle Phan. This helped him gain exposure and thus take a step forward in his career. He is currently working for Jaffa Models as a model. 

Dominque is a successful model who has been in career since a long time. He started quite early in his professional life and is now currently working with a big modeling agency called the Jaffa Models. 

5 Facts You Need to Know About Dominique Capraro.

Dominque Capraro is a successful Swiss model and his life is an inspiration for people who want to succeed their careers as a model or dancer. 

As per the records, we don’t have much information about the life of Dominique Capraro but we do have 5 facts that we would love to share about him. 

His Birthplace.

Dominique Capraro was born in Visp, Switzerland. Dominique did not belong to one race. His father was an Italian and on the other hand, his mother was a Swiss/Austrian. Although he belongs to a Swiss nationality, he belongs to a mixed ethnic descent. There is no further information about his life as a child. 

Dominque Capraro completed his former education at Lycee College De L’abbaye and was further a graduate from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Dominique got his graduate degree in the major of Art History.

He Works For A Modeling Agency Called Jaffa Models.

Jaffa Model is a Chicago-based modeling agency. Dominque began his modeling career quite early. When he was in college, he used to perform a couple of modeling gigs. He performed these small modeling gigs to help him get financially stable. Little did he know, modeling would be his main source of wealth in the future? 

Apart from modeling, Dominique Capraro was a successful dancer as well. He did appear in a couple of shows when he was in Switzerland, as a dancer. Dominique also took a part in Mr. Switzerland pageant when his higher education was about to end. The handsome hunk was a runner-up in the Mr. Switzerland competition. 

After that, Dominique moved to United States and started his modeling career on a serious note. In United States, he got a contract and got hired by a successful and huge modeling agency known as the Jaffa Models. Dominique has been a successful and useful asset for the Jaffa Models since then. 

Dominque Capraro’s Love Life.

Love Life

Dominique was a handsome and exotic man with ravishing looks and physique. Every other girl used to love him for who he is and how he looked. But finally the handsome hunk fell in love himself. He fell in love with Michelle Phan who was at that time a successful YouTuber. 

Michelle Phan woman who had a rough childhood but never gave up on success. She worked really hard to get where she currently was. She started as an owner of a YouTube channel and got her first limelight from there. She was a successful YouTuber by that time. Her first video got such positive reviews that she continued that path for a long time. 

Mostly Michelle used to upload makeup tutorials and were reviewed to be perfect at that. Later Michelle started as an entrepreneur and opened up her own startup. She is now a successful businesswoman with a lot to come her way. 

Dominique and Michelle first locked eyes on 14th of February, 2011. They met at a French café in New York City. Later that day, they met each other accidently in Paris whilst shooting a commercial. They both clicked and fell in love which was the start of their amazing relationship later in the same year. 

At first, they didn’t make the relationship a public news, they kept it to themselves. But later in January 2012, they uploaded a video on Michelle’s YouTube channel which announced their loving relationship to their fans and followers. The couple got an amazing and positive response from their fans which in return melted their hearts. The video they uploaded was so sweet that it is still increasing the number of viewers till date. 

The couple isn’t married or announced anything regarding marriage whereas some sources say that they might plan on getting married soon.

The news that the couple got engaged although the rumor never got confirmed. The couple announced in their interviews later saying that they never got engaged neither they have any suggestion about it right now. 

They said that they wanted to make sure they get successful in their paths of careers and loved each other. They wished each other all the success and claimed that they were supportive of each other under any circumstances. 

About Michelle Phan. 

Michelle Phan, the girlfriend of Dominique Capraro is a successful YouTube star as well as a successfully emerging businesswoman. She first got recognized by her YouTube tutorials which went viral and were loved by her fans. Sources say that Michelle had a rough childhood but was always inspired by her mother who was a Vietnam mother who migrated to United States. She always taught Michelle to be a resourceful person. Michelle gathered a lot from her YouTube channel and it is still said that she earns around $3 million only from her YouTube channel annually. She is currently places as one of the top ten highest grossing YouTubers. 

Dominique Capraro’s Net Worth. 

Being a model wasn’t enough for Dominque, he is also a successful dancer. His career had started from quite a young age and he has now gathered a lot of wealth in his favor. Capraro has lived and has been living a pretty decent life. Dominque Capraro has said to have a net worth of $1 million. 

On the other hand, his successful girlfriend Michelle Phan who is the owner of an amazing and successful YouTube channel is said to have a net worth of $5 million. Although the difference between the financial value of both the lovebirds has never been a reason of conflict between them which indicates a healthy and loving relationship. They both are said to be in a healthy relationship. They claimed once in an interview that they were very supportive to each other in terms of their careers and lifestyle. They said that they wished each other all the success in the world and would support each other regardless of the circumstances. 

Measurements of Dominique Capraro.

Being a model means to have a beautiful and healthy physique. Dominique Capraro is said to have an excellent body as he shined in his career as a model in a young age indicates that he has been taking care of his body since a long time. 

Dominque Capraro has a height of approximately 6 feet 2 inch and weighs perfectly of 78 kg as per the requirement of his body. 

Dominque has an attractive brown hair color along with brown eye color which totally complements his hair. He has a brilliantly athletic build which makes him as beautiful as he already is. 

Dominque’s chest size and shoe size aren’t available to the media. Dominque is said to have a perfect physique in the industry.


Dominque Capraro is a model and dancer who has been doing modeling since a young age. He is a handsome hunk who is predicted to get further success in the near future. Dominque and his amazing physique and will to be successful in the industry has his back and we wish him all the luck for his career as well as his love life with the amazing women, Michelle Phan.

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