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Elise Laurenne

The 23-year-old Canadian model, social media personality, cosplay performer, news anchor, gamer and streamer Elise Laurenne, was born on 2 April 1996, in Toronto, Canada. Her cosplay sessions, considered astonishingly realistic, gained fame when she imitated well-known game and film personalities. She also has experience in adult modeling, particularly in her early career, in addition to her more “alternatives” photo shots. Her extraordinary shifts in her body and imagination have earned her one of the world’s most popular alternatives. The word cosplay derives etymologically from two words–costume and play. The art originated in Japan includes people who wear costumes identical to a movie, anime or video game hero. In other words, Elise Laurenne is recognized for her innovative costumes and design.

Elise Laurenne Biography And Career As A Cosplay And Suicide Girl

Elise Laurenne was born in Toronto, Ontario, on April 2, 1996. It is a part of the White ethnic group and is Canadian cultural. Not much is known as at the date of this article about her childhood, her family, her education or qualifications. She once, however, revealed that at the tender age of 5 she had her first exposition to cosplays, but she was not able to understand all about it, even though she found it exciting. As the years passed, she started to understand what cosplay was and found it extremely fascinating. 

She became a fervent cosplay enthusiast within a short period, taking part in cosplay exhibits, workshops, and symposiums. At the age of 12, she officially made her journey to cosplay by dressing up in the Japanese Manga show Elfen Lied as a child. She started to rock several outfits to show her love of art, enthused by its massive welcome to her first cosplay outfit. Elise Laurenne has also wanted to become a cosplay artist and has started her cosplay costumes. Also, she has gained huge attention from cosplayers, thanks to her exclusive and recognizable outfits. 

She drew inspiration from the costumes of the film Spiderman, the Puni, and Harley Quinn. One of her most popular costumes was an “anti-gwenom suit” for the work Many sources claim that she collaborated with er ex-friend Brandon Gilbert on the complaint, but she never did. Because of her hard work and diligent cosplaying, she quickly received offers from different top brands calling for apparel accessories like denim, lingerie, and bras to be marketed and modeled. Elise Laurenne has been consulting on a platform for several million labels such as Versace and Calvin Klein. While she still can not be classified as a top model, it is only time that she spends her time and effort.

Her favorite is her first anti gwenoma, a mix of spiderman, Spider-Gwen’s and Venom’s costumes but with a girlish theme, long black paws, a shiny white suit with the Spiderman’s, she became a common cosplay player because she was considered extremely beautiful first of all. Her favorite is her first “Anti-Gwenom” design: a mix of spiderman’s costumes, Spider-Gwen’s costumes and Venom’s, yet in the Girl’s theme and with its long black claws and strong metal white bodysuit and the Spiderman’s cape. She was a very successful cosplayer because she was beautiful first of all.

Elise got most of her popularity when she was part of “SuicideGirls,” an online website based on the community, on which models that call themselves “SuicideGirls.” It was created by Selena Mooney in 2001 and remains very successful. To get access to the images of these so-called suicide girls, you have to pay for their membership. Books, garments, and DVDs can also be bought on your website. Elise was but no longer one of the Suicide Girls.

Elise Laurenne Personal Life

Elise Laurenne

Cosplayer Elise Lauren may at present is single as her partnership is not very widely thought about. She didn’t talk about dating or a husband being confirmed. Lauren is a sort of secret kid that doesn’t want to give up her boyfriend. She once mentioned that she had a lover on her Facebook in 2015. Brandon Gilbert, who is a cosplay artist she frequently cooperates, replied and said the name. They were often seen playing with each other and even helping each other make the outfit. Laurenne tightly kept the boyfriend tight and never later talked. Her fans are so personally furious at her intimate life. But she was able to keep away from the gossip she connected to anybody, and that’s her preference.

Elise Laurenne Net Worth

Elise Laurenne invests from 800,000 dollars to one million dollars in her modeling so cosplaying career. She has an attractive body that is normally a cosplayer and she makes a good profit and fame. Involved in early cosplaying, Laurenne began to participate in cosplay events and exhibitions. At the age of 12, she became attached to it and made her debut in cosplay. Therefore, her outfit started to be made. Besides cosplaying, the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also shared by around 10,000 followers online modeling. She has a Twitch account. Normally, as Yaya Han does, a sexy cosplayer can make up around $130,000 annually at 26 conventions. A cosplayer like this benefits from a single show between $5000 and $10.000 and also raises multiple thousand dollars from her Twitch through contributions and endorsing. Laurenne leads a fantastic life with all the money.

While she is very dominant in the cosplay community, the net worth is very likely to increase in the foreseeable future.

Elise Laurenne Body Measurements

Elise weighs around 110 lbs (50kgs) and her vital data are 34-25-31; her bra size is 34d. Elise is 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) wide. Concerning body modifications, Elise has many tattoos, illustrated by a beautiful half-sleeve on her left arm, composed of geometric shapes and an ancient Hindu and Buddhist sign, which seems to be a mandala. She also had lower earrings extended, and large plastic plugs in both her feet. She had her nipples, septum and abdominal bouton piercings in June 2019.

Facts About Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne has a strong passion for sports, in addition to cosplaying and modeling. Her passion for games can not be overrated as her Twitch channel holds a record of over 5,000 active fans. Players Unknown Battleground is her favorite game.

The Toronto model, when it comes to exposing her body, is the farthest away from the shy. Throughout previous years, she has been an outspoken part of the Naked News subscription network, a site in which girls can read the news nakedly. She was also a part of the SuicideGirls online community forum that allowed users to view photos of hot models with little or no clothes.

When this report was submitted, Elise Laurenne earned her majority of the stakes through her career as a model for the world’s best-known brands and as a partner in several sources, estimated at $1 million in net worth.

She is active on several social media platforms and has 1,2 million followers on Instagram, using the @elislaurenne name.


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