Erik Per Sullivan Net Worth 2020 – How Much Is He Worth?

Erik Per Sullivan Net Worth 2020 – How Much Is He Worth?


Erik Sullivan is an American actor who started his career at a very early age. He was born on 21st of July 1991. He was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Erik is the only son; he doesn’t have any siblings. His early education was at Mount Saint Charles Academy and later started his degree at University of Southern California. Along with his academic studies, he also attended some acting classes at KD College.

Erik Per Sullivan is an American actor as well as a voice actor. Apart from his studies, he is also aware of piano and saxophone practices. He has been back and forth to Sweden and is fluent in Swedish. Erik Sullivan has a first-degree black belt in taekwondo. 

Early Career

Sullivan started his career at a young age. His first piece of work was his role in Armageddon in 1998 after which he starred in The Cider House Rules where he played the role of Fuzzy. Erik also appeared in an episode of the TV show Wonderland at his young age. 

The actual popularity and recognition that Erik got was from his role in the hit TV series Malcom in the Middle in 2000. Erik Sullivan appeared in 151 of these episodes and thus began his journey of success in the acting industry.

Erik played some of the most memorable roles in his acting life and has given the audience many reasons to follow and admire him. His amazing acting skills used to make the character alive. Erik Sullivan has a special guest appearance in Black of Life. Being a vocal actor, he gave his best at the role of Fork in the TV show named Meatball Finkelstein. 

Erik Sullivan has played some iconic roles in his life including this part as Little Joe Dirt in the movie Joe Dirt in 2001, followed by another role in the movie Wendigo which was released later in the same year. 

Later in 2002, Erik Sullivan played a memorable role of Charlie Summer in the movie called Unfaithful. He also appeared in one of the most famous episodes of The King of Queens. Other than this, he played an iconic role of Spike Frohmeyer in the movie Christmas with the Kranks in 2004, followed by the role of Young Luis in the TV series named Come on Over. 

Later in his career he played some very promising roles. He plated the ostensible character in the movie Mo in 2007 followed by the role of Timmy in the famous movie Twelve. In 2003, he gave his incredible voice to the character of Sheldon in the movie Finding Nemo. He also played as the vocal character of Mino for the movie Arthur and the Invisibles. 

Personal Life

There is not much known to the media or public about the personal life of Erik Sullivan. All we can tell you if that Erik Sullivan is one of the most talented and young of all actors in America. Erik was known and loved for this dressing and appearance as well as his acting skills. You can also make sure to look as gorgeous as Erik Sullivan, get your hands on the Black Leather Jackets for amazing jackets and cosplay costumes. 

Erik Sullivan has an American Nationality and his star sign is Cancer. Erik Sullivan is the son of Fred Sullivan and Ann Sullivan. There isn’t any information about his sisters or brothers. It is reported that he is the only child of Fred and Ann Sullivan. The actor, Erik Sullivan is 5-foot 9 inch tall.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Erik Sullivan won the Young Artist Award in 2003 for his amazing performances throughout his career. Other than winning the award, he was nominated for other 4 of these awards which is another achievement for an artist this young. He received an overall of 3 nominations in the Teen Choice Awards. He won the Fright Meter Award in 2001 and got nomination for Fangoria Chainsaw Award in 2003. Later in 2007, he was given the award for the James Joyce Award. 

Erik Sullivan Net Worth and Earnings

The young actor has played many memorable roles for the television industry. Under the light of the 7 seasons of Malcom in the Middle, the actor earned global recognition as well as appreciation. Erik Sullivan has an incredible career as a child actor and would’ve had a very bright future in front of him. Unfortunately, Erik Per Sullivan got retired from the acting world about 10 years ago. There has been no appearance from Erik since the past decade. He is still a young actor with the age of 27 and he can still make it as a successful artist if he comes back to the industry. The reason, why he quitted his tremendous acting career is still not known to the media or public. 

Erik Sullivan is not under any spotlight anymore. Unfortunately, he has completely vanished from the eyes of the camera. The net worth of Erik Per Sullivan is reported to be around $4.5 million.

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