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Melissa Sue Anderson


Melissa Sue Anderson is an American-Canadian actress. She was born on 26th of September 1962 in Berkeley, California. She started her career way early in her life. She appeared in a few commercials and started her career as a child actress in Los Angeles.

Melissa is well known for her role as Mary Ingalls in a drama by NBC known as Little House on the Prairie which was aired from 1974-1981 and it created the basis for Melissa’s career in the industry. 

Melissa became the naturalized citizen of Canada in 2007. 

Personal Life

Melissa Sue Anderson is the daughter of James and Marion Anderson. Unfortunately, they got divorced when Melissa was 13 years old and since the divorce, she lived with her mother. Melissa and her family moved to Los Angeles in 1970 and since then, it is said that Melissa experienced asthma which led her to take dance classes. Melissa also took ballet classes. She was so into dancing that she wanted to become a dancer but her dance teacher inspired and pushed her to go towards acting career as she could clearly see Melissa’s talents. 

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Since Melissa was a great child actress, it wasn’t hard for her to become a successful actress in her adult life. She has always been in the industry spotlight and thus success followed her blindly when she chose to opt for acting career for sure. 

In 1990, Melissa married a successful writer, producer and director, Michael Sloan. She used to work with Michael on the set and they fell in love. The couple lived a happy and prosperous life and had two beautiful kids, a daughter named Piper and a son named Griffin. Anderson believed her family was more important than her career so she decided to focus more on her family and motherhood, so she kind of took a break from acting. 

As her children grew older, Anderson started to get back into her acting career. In 2005, she appeared in the NBC ministries. She also imprisoned an autobiography; The Way I See It. 

Life As An Actress

Melissa had a very successful career when it comes to acting and still do. Melissa is best known for her performance in the following;

  • Little House on the Prairie as Mary Ingalls. (1974-1981)
  • Happy Birthday to me as Virginia Wainwright. (1981)
  • 10.5 Apocalypse First Lady Megan Hollister. (2006)
  • The Equalizer as Yvette Marcel. (1987-1988)

As a Child Actress

In 1972, young Melissa Sue Anderson appeared on television with a minor role in the episode of Bewitched, aired on 12th of February 1972 on ABC. Melissa continued to do small roles in any TV series or movie that she could lay her hands on. Finally, in 1974, Melissa got her first major lead role in the western drama television called Little House on the Prairie as Mary Ingalls. She played 7 continuous series of this drama as a well behaved eldest daughter. This role played a major part to boost up her name in the television industry

Another work The Loneliest Runner, she appeared as Nancy Rizzy which was aired on 20th of December 1976.  The last of her work as a child actress included her amazing performance in one episode of Fantasy Island as Amy Marson and one episode of Insight as Mary Beth.

As An Adult Actress

Melissa then started her career as a mature adult actress and started screening for actual role which will help create a foundation for her career. Melissa played many meaningful roles in the industry which are still admired and appreciated by the audience. 

In 1982, she played a role of Molly Rush in a TV film known as ‘An innocent Love’, later she played a role in one episode of ’Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’ as Katherine Pride aka Kitty. 

In the following year, she did only one movie called the ‘First Affair’ in which she played the role of Toby King. 

After her break of 5 years in which she said she wanted to stay home and take care of her 2 young children, she came back with a bang in the industry! Her first work was in 2006, she appeared as an un-credited voice of a mother in the television film ‘Marco Polo’. 

In 2010, she had an appearance in a short film known as Marker 187. After this, she played the role of Stosh’s mother in ‘Veronica Mars’.

Her last work was in the movie ‘The Con Is On’ in which she appeared as Guest number 2. The movie star wars costumes was released on 4th of May 2018.

Melissa did some amazing work in her life which was loved and appreciated by all her audience. She created an inspiration for the upcoming actresses, her long career starting from 1970s till 2018 was inspirational and aspiring. 


Melissa Sue Anderson had a pretty wonderful life along with a beautiful career in the film industry. She started her career in 1970’s when she was a child and was able to keep it up for so many years. Her last appearance was in 2018 which gave her a lot of time to be on television. Due to her amazing work and incredible performances in every role, her net worth is now $1.5 million. ‘Where is Melissa Anderson now?’ has been a question that many of her audience and fans are asking. For all we know, Melissa and her family moved to Montreal in 2002 and became naturalized citizens of Canada in 2007. She recently released a book of hers in 2014 and has been behind the scenes since then. Due to her past amazing performances in the film industry, we can’t say that she isn’t likely to come back to the screens. She may come back as a surprise to her fans or she may stay at home playing her role as an amazing mom. Who knows? Well, we certainly hope the best for Melissa Anderson and her family.


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